Mock Rock Cancelled as Student Body Loses Interest

By Tristan Chenoweth

This year’s Mock Rock has been cancelled because of the lack of interest to participate. StuCo had acts lined up before break, but most of those groups dropped out of the competition. MockRock

“I just don’t think kids are very interested in lip syncing anymore,” said Parks. “We had a couple of groups lined up, but we had to beg them to participate. We ended up losing them.”

Mock Rock is a lip syncing contest for the students of FHN to participate in to win money based on where they place. It was put together for the entertainment of the student body. The theme of this year’s Mock Rock was going to be “Retro Classics”. The theme is more for the decorations on stage than for the selection of music that is going to be played. Mock Rock has been losing interest since 2012 and StuCo is looking to set up a new event to take its place next year. 

“I don’t see Mock Rock happening next year, only because it has gone ‘out-of-style’, but it might make a come-back if we give it a break,” StuCo sponsor Shelly Parks said.

Since Mock Rock may or may not happen next year, Parks and Wilkens are working with Theatre Teacher Kim Sulzner to put Saturday Night Live and Mock Rock together in one big event that might stir more interest from the student body.

“Mock Rock is super fun and it is an event that I brought to FHN from when I went to high school in Michigan,” Wilkens said.

The event was cancelled last year as well because of declining interest.

 Chase Meyer also contributed to this story.