NHS Induction Ceremony to be Held in Auditorium

By Alex Brice

The NHS, also known as the National Honor Society, is a national organization that gets students and schools across the country to help serve in the community and help NHSinductions'out with community service projects.

“National Honor Society is for getting the school involved in helping out with community service, and get farther out,” senior NHS President Brenda Alvarado said. “It makes you feel good about yourself and helps you learn about different people.”

Every year, sophomores and juniors with a weighted GPA of 3.75 or higher may receive an invitation into the NHS. If they choose to join NHS, they must attend the NHS induction after filling out all of their paperwork. The NHS induction typically takes place in front of an audience and consists of lectures and speeches from principles, sponsors, and current NHS members. Then the inductees answer questions in front of the audience, followed by a few more lectures and speeches. This years induction will be on Feb. 11.

“All of the new incoming club members go on stage and are introduced to the older members and the leaders, and they’re officially welcomed into the club,” said sophomore inductee Jessie Gegg.

 There are about 96 juniors, and 78 seniors currently in the NHS, and about 110 students getting inducted at the NHS induction. There are a few reasons why students join the NHS.

“I think for some of them, they’re looking for something that puts them above other students in terms of what they could put on their college transcript,” said NHS sponsor, Donna Malkmus, “It also requires them to do community service which gives them something to write about on their college essays.”

NHS is intended to teach students that they should keep volunteering and doing community service. It is meant to be some thing that sticks with them even after high school.

“It’s to teach students that even after they graduate, they should still do community service. It’s not a one and done kind of thinking,” said Malkmus.