A New Creative Outlet for All

By Michal Basford

Create. Your. Mind. is a new online literary magazine run by members of the club.

“This was started because I write poetry, so I’m really in to the creative stuff, and I originally wanted to put it in the newspaper to show where I’m comfortable because I’m not really comfortable

A preview of the upcoming Literary site.
A preview of the upcoming Literary magezine site.

with news stories,” sophomore and creator of the club Mia Elliott said. “I’m more comfortable with poetry and creative writing, so I wanted to find a way to do that. And I have a passion for it, so just to start a club about my passion is awesome.”

Meetings will usually be held on Thursdays from 2:30-3 p.m. in the Learning Commons. Meetings may sometimes be held in room 135. Specific dates vary based on deadlines. Longer meetings may run to 3:15 or 3:30.

“I am  glad that we’re bringing in additional publications to Francis Howell North,” said Chase Meyer, Editor and Social Media Director. “I have definitely thought the North Star and FHNtoday have been doing a great job, but something different to mix it all up that’s not exactly news-y is something that we need, and it’s finally happening.”

Students involved do creative things such as write poetry or short stories, photography, or drawings. Diane Fingers, English teacher in room 135 and sponsor of the club, or Mia Elliott can give more information for questions interested students may have.

“The goal of this club is to allow students to create their mind meaning I want students to express themselves and have an outlet to express themselves because a lot of students have talents, and I have seen that  with especially artwork,” Elliott said. “I’ve see that, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. They are so good.’ I’m all about promoting my own stuff, and I want others to enjoy that, too. I want them to get their stuff out because their talent needs to be shared with the world.”

There is no specific title for the magazine yet. The site isn’t up yet either. Specific details are still being sorted out by members of the club. The next meeting is on Feb. 26 at 2:30.

“Mia had a vision,” Fingers said. “I think Mia really wanted an outlet for her own work, and she knew that other kids had the same desire, the same need, and she, for her own potential, saw that she wanted a place to put her creativity for her own future need for a portfolio and knows that other kids are gonna have that same need for their colleges.”