All-Knighter Committee Works to Plan This Year’s All-Knighter

By Sarai Esparza

On June 6 from 10:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., after the graduation ceremony, seniors have the opportunity to participate in the All-Knighter, an overnight lock-in party held at FHN. The activities of this event are meant to be kept a secret in order to surprise the seniors that will be attending. In order to attend, students must fill out a form and turn it into the main office or the guidance office along with a payment of $120 by the middle of April.

“I’m excited to go because from my brother’s experiences and what they told me, you get to win a lot of stuff and it’s a lot of fun,” senior Samantha Immekus said.

This year’s All-Knighter committee, which is made up of parents of the senior class, has been working on planning the celebration all year. The All-Knighter committee highly encourages all graduating seniors to attend.

“It will literally be the last time you will be together with your entire class; it could possibly be the last time you will be with some of your classmates,” All-Knighter committee member David Whitehead said.

Along with an all night party filled with activities and food, the attending seniors will be presented with a secret gift as well as prizes that they can win throughout the night.

“They will go home with quite a little goodie bag, and by that I mean you might need a car to carry your prizes in,” Chairman of the All-Knighter committee Tina Schulze said.