ICAC Gives Presentation to FHN History Classes

By Chase Meyer

History Presentation

Throughout the day Wednesday, March 4, FHN history classes were brought to the auditorium to partake in a cyber bullying presentation, presented by a representative from the Internet Crime Against Children Task Force (ICAC). Topics such as who is affected, how they can be dealt with and why people bully online were discussed.

“Traditionally, what people tell you to do is to ignore it,” said Prevention Specialist Jennifer Schiffman. “But when someone is assaulting me, do I care why they’re doing it? Not at all. I want to prevent them from hurting me.”

Users of social media are usually taught early on to report any problems to a trusted adult. However, there is a problem with that: a lot of adults don’t understand how to handle it. Schiffman explained during her presentation the different platforms that users have available to them whenever they encounter an instance of cyber bullying, whether it be directed at them or not.

When a problem arises, it is suggested that the victim go to a school administrator, resource officer, or any of the websites out there that provide help to those that need it.

“I’m glad to know that I have different resources to report and retaliate against something if it happens to me,” said sophomore Zach Pipes.

For help specifically from the ICAC, users can go to moicac.org or email [email protected] to get in contact with someone who can help.