Focus Review

By Stone Birkner

It is about time. A couple weeks ago DC announced the cast of Suicide Squad. Killshot was being played by Will Smith, some wouldn’t be as excited knowing his track record of flopping almost268012958001_3837420887001_focuscover every movie he leaded in since 2012. Margot Robbie is set to play Harley Quinn, looks right but She being such a new actress really being known for a small role in Wolf of Wall street, does she have what it takes? After watching Focus, They put all those questions to rest. 

IMDB describes the movie with: In the midst of veteran con man Nicky’s (Smith) latest scheme, a woman from his past – now an accomplished femme fatale – shows up and throws his plans for a loop. 

This movie was average in the technical field. Being released after the oscars it is hard to compare after watching all the masterpieces up for academy nominations. The movie had you laughing, sitting on the the edge of your seat then following a lean back in your chair with your jaw dropped. The story was unique and very well written. It had twists throughout the film that were easy to understand but not as easy to predict. Which made the whole film a lot of fun to watch. 

This film just gave you everything you loved about Will Smith. His humor, his charm, and his goofy way of being the most loved guy on screen.  This performance was a very modernized version of Wild Wild West. There were points in the movie you got mad at his character and you spent the whole time deciding if you were a fan of that character. 

Then Margot Robbie. Loving her hilarious sass and control she had in Wolf of Wall Street made you really excited to see her in the future movies ahead and when her movie makes it big at Sundance and she is signed to play Harley Quinn  she has to be a great actress. This movie really showed you that she is good wherever you put her whether its costar or the lead woman she walks on screen and all eyes go to her. Throughout the whole film you saw yourself rooting and siding with her. Which made you love her as an actress even more.

IMDB rated this movie 7.0 stars

I rate this movie 8 stars

I recommend this film to anyone who loves a thriller that isnt dark and loves action that isn’t so complicated and full of explosions. Just a really light action thriller that anyone would enjoy watching.