FHN’s ‘Anything Goes’ Musical Play

By Mia Elliott

Anything Goes is FHN’s upcoming musical play. The musical originated in the 1940s and was created by Cole Porter.  In this musical play, there are four love story lines set on a deck of aIMG_9351web_copy ship. One story line would include a boy who falls in love with a girl who is about to marry someone else, but he is going to convince her to break her engagement. And according to one of the actors, Zac Cary, there is a “love dodecagon” going on for one of the characters.

“I love the show, I have for years,” Cary said. “I’ve seen it professionally done twice. I love the style of the music, it’s very retro, very jazzy, pretty much a stereotypical broadway show. I love the story mostly because it makes no sense until the end.”

The cast have been working on the play for about four months. According to the Director of Theater Arts, Kim Sulzner, the musical play will consist of a lot of dancing, singing, and acting. Some of the actors include Cary, Marissa Meyers, Dan Borelli, and Stone Birkner.

“We’ve been working on it forever, since January,” Sulzner said. “I just want to see it all come together, like finally seeing the set finished and see the dance all in one and not seen in pieces.”

The musical play will take place here at FHN in the auditorium on April 9th through the 11th. Tickets are ten dollars at the door and ten dollars for pre-advanced seating. With the four months of preparation and practices, sophomore and passenger on the ship, Courtney Olsen, is ready to see the show put together.

“I’m looking forward to show night and just being able to have fun with everyone whenever we put it on because it’s always fun,” Olsen said.