Jazz Band Dinner Concert

By Cristina Lanzara

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Barnwell Middle School and the FHN Jazz Band will hold a dinner concert in the Commons on Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be $10 per person and profits will go towards scholarshipsJazz-Band for summer jazz camps in hope of getting more students involved. During the concert the audience will be served dinner, drinks and desert.

“The money usually goes towards new instruments and equipment, assuming you’ll be continuing band in college,” senior Brandon Vestal said.

The menu for the night includes salad, breadsticks, red and white pasta and cake with a choice of water or lemonade to drink. Barnwell will perform first, followed by the FHN students. They will have a standard big band arrangement on the stage with risers especially for the trumpets who stand in the back.

“We practice in a big band settlement in class, at least we attempt to,” said Vestal. “We have some fillers because we don’t quite have enough people for a big band so we have to get some people from other classes to sub in and practice.”

Most of the parents and friends of the performers go to this event filling the commons with 80 to 100 people. Regardless of this, anyone can go to the dinner concert, order forms and money can be turned into jazz band members or band director Jeff Moorman.

“We’ve been rehearsing the music, I sent out all the fliers out to their parents and they buy the tickets,” Moorman said. Then what we’ll do is set up after school that day and bring over the middle school and their parents involved and have a good time.”

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