Charlotte’s Web Spins Up Excitement


By ryansparks

On April 23 and 24, Barnwell Middle School will be performing their Spring Play titled “Charlotte’s Web” at FHN. The students have been rehearsing for the play since January.

“We’re doing the usual: we’ve done blocking practices, read-throughs, and we’re in the middle of dress rehearsals right now, so as far as preparation, it’s the typical as far as what we do for a play,” Barnwell Drama teacher, Kathy Carron, said.

Barnwell has had a large number of plays in the past, but this one is unique because most of the actors will be playing animals. Instead of the normal full costumes, they will be using common articles of clothing to portray these animals.

The main characters are a pig named Wilbur and a Spider named Charlotte. Wilbur is being played by (grade) Gavin Atkinson and Charlotte is being played by Hannah Wilson. They have been enjoying their parts in the play as the cast has progressed through the preparation for the play.

“We’re two characters who start to develop a really strong friendship throughout the play,” Atkinson said.

One of the unique aspects of the play is how it’s mainly geared towards children by the way it utilizes the animals in the play to show a kid-friendly side.

“It’s so out of the ordinary,” Hannah Wilson said. “You don’t see a lot of plays that do that so it will be interesting.”