Taylor Sheridan: My Summer Style

By Mia Elliott

TaylorQ: What is your favorite summer trend of clothing?

A: “I just really love crop tops. I like high waisted shorts, but I don’t like the high waisted shorts that show off your butt. I like dresses and maxi skirts. I like pretty much something that’s just comfortable and not too tight but not too loose.”

Q: How does your style come about?

A: “I put my style together by anything that I’m inspired by or how the weather may be. Sometimes I feel it’s like a nice, breezy morning, I’ll wear a dress or something. It just depends on how I’m feeling that day. If I’m really happy and excited, I’ll wear something that is light colored and natural make up.”

Q: When did you realize you had style?

A: “I piece stuff together, I don’t always get outfits at the same time, I always just go to the store somewhere and piece different things together. I just figured out what type of style that I had when I looked at the type of clothes that I wear, which are kinda different from the stuff that other people wear.”

   Q: What is your advice on summer clothing for girls?

A: “My advice on summer clothing for girls is be spontaneous with it. Don’t just hold back. I feel like you should be able to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. No matter what size you are, no matter what size the clothing is, I feel like you can make anything look pretty on you.”