Class of 2019 Makes First Strides Through FHN Doors


By Chase Meyer, Webmaster

Thursday marked the first day the class of 2019 walked through the doors of FHN to prepare themselves for the high school environment. Filled with both excitement and nervousness, each one is ready to tackle the next four years of their education.

“I know I missed my first transition day and I was completely messed up,” said senior Cora Harms. “I think it’s good that the incoming freshmen are getting acclimated with the building now rather than later.”

Throughout the day, students will be introduced to new classmates, mingle with old ones and be given the opportunity to meet new teachers. Each one of these people has the potential to influence the outcome of the next four years.

“I think today will be the opportunity for students to make friends that will last a lifetime,” said German Teacher and Club Sponsor Anne McPartland.

As students meet new people, they’ll also be introduced to new clubs and activities that will not only help them network in school, but in the future as well. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about each individual extracurricular activity during an activities fair held in the small gym.

“Today allows me to get used to where my locker is and how to generally get around,” said freshman Nate Williams. “It also lets me get used to the environment with new people.”

Incoming freshmen, along with the rest of the student body, should be aware that for daily information about activities and events happening around school, is the place to turn. Those looking for information and daily updates on our sports teams should direct their attention to