Seniors and Juniors Practice Career Cruising


By Laya Horton

Seniors and Juniors did Career Cruising online in their classes on Sept. 10 and 11. It is helping them with future plans after high school.

“It’s a website for student to choose where their interest lies to choose a major, a college, select a branch of military if they wanted to and even create a resume for a work career,”Guidance  Counselor Lisa Woodrum said. “All the counselors utilize Career Cruising for high school and college planning.”

During class on those days seniors got out of class to work on the Career Cruising to help them figure out what they want to do, or where their interest lies.

“Ten to 20 minutes to yourself, then researching to narrow things down the decisions of the school I would like to attend,” senior Nick Gehricke said. “Start looking as soon as possible because it will make everything easier if you start now.”

For the Juniors they also got time to work on the Career Cruising during those days.

“We gathered a class together went to the computer lab, I believe, and that is where it all happens. You sign in and then get it started,” junior Kobe Fitzgerald says. “It helps teens because I feel like they need this guidance, to lead them into the right path.”

After fall break, the freshman and sophomores will do the career cruising also. The sophomores and freshmen are new to this, so they get to be pulled out of class just like the juniors and seniors.