MOSAICS Festival for the Arts Returns to Downtown St. Charles


Credit to photo submitted

By Chase Meyer

Returning for its 21st year of highlighting the importance of art and culture in our community, the Mosaics Missouri Festival for the Arts is set to take place Sept. 18-20. Featuring returning artists to brand new entertainment groups, the festival is expected to be quite the success.

“We really try to accommodate [the people] and bring them into St. Charles,” Board Director Richard Baum said.

With artists coming from over 18 states, bringing with them pieces of photography, ceramics, jewelry and paintings–just to name a few mediums–visitors are almost guaranteed to leave with something in hand. The festival prides itself in providing art at a lower price than others, attracting visitors to walk into booths and purchase an item, rather than going home empty-handed.

“We like to say it’s affordable art,” Baum continued. “You go to some of the festivals and see some really high-end art. We have some of the same people come to our festival. The price point of their art, which is still beautiful, is less expensive to people that can come.”

When bringing the festival together, the planners didn’t have just adults in mind. The Art for Youth organization will be sponsoring the Youth Fine Art Gallery tent. Children and teenagers through 17 years old can go into the tent and purchase a piece of fine art. Parents are not allowed to accompany the children into the tent in an attempt to do away with any influence by others.

“We feel it is important to expose the youth of today to fine art and stimulate their interest for the future,” Baum said. “We don’t want them to be influenced by others, but pursue their own interest.”

Sponsors of this year’s event include the City of St. Charles Art and Culture Commission, Missouri Arts Council, Mercy Kids and Boeing Company Employees. Several groups will provide entertainment throughout the weekend, some who will be contributing to the health and wellness of the St. Louis area.

Event coordinators are attempting to have over 50,000 people visit the festival, but expect about 30-40,000 throughout the three-day duration of the festival.