Anthony Lupo Takes Charge of Missouri DECA

Anthony Lupo Takes Charge of Missouri DECA

By Amanda Eckhard

On Oct.19, Anthony Lupo was announced as Missouri DECA State President at the DECA State Fall Leadership Convention. Lupo has been apart of DECA for two years. Beginning his junior year, Lupo was an officer for FHN’s DECA. He then decided to compete at the district level and ended up placing second in Apparel and Accessories Merchandising and first in the Leadership Delegate competition.

“He brings a positive dedication to this DECA organization that I haven’t seen in a long time,” Mrs. Trochim. “He was just so motivated to be at the state level, because of his experience last year as a junior going through the leadership academy at our international competition.”

Mrs. Trochim has known Lupo for two years. For the 14 years she has been a DECA advisor, no one has received a state office position and only two have tried before Lupo. He is the first to run and receive Missouri DECA State President from FHN.

“He is very involved in DECA, he has a passion, a focus, a drive for DECA, enjoys working on DECA and spent many hours to prepare for this position,” Lupo’s mom, Susan Lupo said.

Lupo needed three letters of recommendation from Mrs.Trochim, Dr. Greer, and his employer. Also, he wrote a 500 word essay and submitted a video featuring seniors Jessica Biondo and Anna Chowning. He then prepared to meet the candidates board, which allowed him to meet with DECA members from across the state and inform them about his plan for the year.

“Once they said the first syllable in my name, I had immediately known and I like freaked out and like was smiling non-stop on stage,” Lupo said.

As state president, his responsibilities include being the PR representative for Missouri DECA, making public appearances for Missouri DECA and making executive decisions on what this year’s state theme is. He will also be setting up the program of activities for the rest of the year and leading the state action team for the 68th year for Missouri DECA.

“I’m also excited to really make a big difference this year and make Missouri DECA the best association in the country,” Lupo said.