Hockey Season Starts with High Aspirations

IMG_4248It’s finally November which means hockey is back. The wait is over. Now you have time to join all your favorite FHN hockey players on the ice to see the games to come throughout the season that goes through January.

“I’ve been waiting so long for hockey to start. I’m just so excited. It is my favorite sport, I just love the intensity of the game,” Lexy Lorimier said.

The FHN hockey team has been preparing for their season since the August, and now they are ready to take on other teams. While preparing for the season, the team made a goal of getting to the playoffs and win state yet another year.

“My personal goal is to help out my teammates win games anyway that I can,” junior Ashton Clark said.

A team of very valuable and different players are ready to start the games. The key players of the season are seniors Mitch Carlson, DJ LaMartina, and Tyler McAtee, along with goalie Kavan Johnson.

“The seniors are our key players because they have been working hard for four years and they work really good together,” Evan Lassanske said.

As we watch many games throughout the season we will see how many goals are made and how the season will turn out. The FHN hockey team is ready to take on many challengers during the season.

“I’m just really excited to start playing and show everybody what the Francis Howell Hockey team has to offer,” Bryce Longmore said.