Mocha and Cocoa Mint are Back Again


By Michal Basford

Starting Friday Dec. 4, the mocha mint and cocoa mint drinks return to Coffee Fridays. Students and staff who wish to purchase one of these drinks can go to the Learning Commons before school begins. The mocha mint and cocoa mint drinks are each $2.

“I think it helps people get into the Christmas spirit,” Epsilon Beta Secretary Aimee Clive said. “Students like trying different flavors of coffee because they get bored with the same old thing, and I think it kinda reminds them of Starbucks [when they’re] getting different flavored coffee.”

The mint flavored drinks are the shortest running seasonal drinks served on Fridays, lasting for only three weeks. These three weeks are the three weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. These two drinks were the first seasonal drinks to be sold in the Learning Commons, and they are their best selling seasonal drink.

“Chocolate and mint just seem to be something that a lot of people like,” Epsilon Beta Sponsor Angie Davis said.

Six total Epsilon Beta members help throughout the Coffee Friday process, from Thursday afternoon until Friday afternoon. Two sign up spots are available per week per job. Two club members set up for Friday on Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, two club members help the two sponsors Angie Davis and Tara Willen sell the coffee. After school on Friday, two club members come to the Learning Commons and help clean up from the morning.

“It allows us to earn points towards our letters and gives us a good social time to talk with other members and get to know what’s going on,” junior and Epsilon Beta club member Erika Guerrero-Bernal said.