Car of the Week: 1997 GMC Savana


By Martin Groves

This week’s Car of the Week is technically not a car, but is a standout vehicle nonetheless. Specifically, it is a big, brown 1997 GMC Savana owned by sophomore Luke Floyd. He and his dad are both motorcycle enthusiasts who own two bikes each. One of which, a Honda CBR600RR, was previously featured as the one and only Bike of the Week.

“We bought it about a month ago from a guy my dad knows for $800,” Floyd said. “We’ll use it to haul motorcycles when we go to track days.”

Most racetracks are open to public use on designated track days, where anyone can bring their own car or bike, then pay some money to go drive around the track. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, but not if you have to ride a race bike a few hundred miles to and from home.

“When we got it, we took all the lettering off the outside and buffed it,” Floyd said. “We’re going to redo the interior and maybe get it painted.”

When they bought the van off of an interior decorating company, it was covered in white lettering and vinyl. It was essentially a rolling advertisement. The exterior is in great condition, and other than a leaking power steering hose that has already been fixed, it’s mechanically sound, too.

“I actually like the van,” Floyd said. “I’m going to drive this until I get a car.”