Prom Fashion Show


By David Bodden

The lights flash on, the audience’s quiet chatter is silenced, and juniors Alyssa Stinson and Bryce Perry, the emcees, walk out on stage. The show has begun, and the models are ready. On the evening of Feb. 17, the annual Prom Fashion Show took place in the FHN auditorium. The event was organized by junior class and their sponsor, Marissa Cohen.

The Prom Fashion Show is a fundraiser for prom that shows students what kinds of dresses are available each year. Volunteer junior and senior models wear donated dresses and tuxedos from local stores as they show them off to the crowd. Tickets cost $5, and they are sold in the weeks leading up to the show.

“We went store to store to get donations for the raffle that we do to raise some money,” junior delegate Victoria Fasnacht said. “We also go around making the students aware of what it is and handout the forms to be filled out.”

For those who buy tickets beforehand, there is a raffle for door prizes. Other raffle tickets were for sale at the show for various items including a free tuxedo and a free prom ticket. All of the money went to funding prom.

“I think there were definitely some bumps in the road,” junior class secretary Jeri Treas said. “But overall I think all the models had a great time. We raised a lot of money for prom and that’s what this is all about.”

The show included a modeling section first, in which students showed off their tuxedos and dresses. Each model was announced separately, and a short introduction was given by the emcees while they modelled. Next was the entertainment section. It included models showing their talents. Some models played the piano, one created a drawing on stage, and Sohail Jchaj talked to the audience about his love for dancing. Finally, the raffles ended the show.
“It was a little nerve wracking in the beginning, but in the end everyone laughed, so it was kind of fun,” senior Lauren Wood said.