Car of the Week: Erik Isbell’s Z71

2001 Chevy Silverado Z71


By Chris Wood

This week, the feature is a truck that is not really a special make or model but has had a lot of work done to it that makes it a awesome ride. Senior Erik Isbell is the proud owner of a 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71. It is a common truck that many people have, but what Isbell has done to the truck makes it stand out from any other Z71 on the lot.


This Z71 has had an overhaul of changes made to it from bumper to bumper. Starting up front, there is a brush guard which is followed up by seven light bars which are hidden in the grill. He also has changed the head and taillights to after market set up to look better on the truck and be brighter. On the bed, he has put in a tool box, sprayed in bedliner,  installed chrome bed cap and set up marine speakers.

The marine speakers in the bed are very cool and not the only speakers replaced in the truck. He has changed every speaker for a completely custom sound system. When he is at bonfires, his truck is often used to play music from the bed. He has done most all of the work himself on his truck. If he does not know how to do something, he tries his best to learn so he does not have to pay someone.

Isbell received this truck two February’s ago from his parents. They surprised him by picking him up from a friend’s in it and giving him the keys. His favorite memory of the truck starts off with doing doughnuts in the snow. “Something must have broke” he told me because when he had drove to the lake he heard a weird popping and grinding noise the whole way down. It was his rear differential which had gone out, and to get it home, he had to put it in four wheel drive and limp it home.  

Isbell is not yet done modifying his car. He still hopes to put a four inch lift on it with new wheels and tires. He is just waiting on the funds from working to pay for the parts. He really likes his ride and is always doing something new to it and changing it up a bit to make it more personal and different from every other boring stock Silverado.