Junior Class Delegates Work to Prepare for 2016 Prom

Alyssa Barber

By Sammie Herr, North Star Staffer

On April 30, FHN’s 2016 Prom will take place. Junior Delegates are working with Junior Class Sponsor Marissa Cohen. The themes that the juniors and seniors got to choose from were Arabian Nights, Grecian or Fairy Tale. Ultimately, the upperclassmen chose Fairy Tale. They started preparing early to get a nice start so they would be done at the right time. Decorations are just beginning to make an appearance in their planning, along with caterers for the menu that was chosen.

“I really enjoy it [planning for prom] and it’s fun and we only meet two days after school,” Junior Class President Michael Shine said. “We all work really well together and things are going out really smooth.”

Cohen has been sponsoring prom for three years now and is positive that she can get her fourth year sponsoring done with ease. She’s helping the officers and delegates finalize some details.

“I’m a little nervous because I’ve never [been] before so I don’t know what it’s going to be like but I’m also excited because it’s going to be a lot of fun,” junior Bryan Chac said.

Tickets have already started to be sold before and after school all through February, March and April, sales of the tickets will help pay for prom. The tickets include an invitation, cost of the DJ, the photo booth, dinner and the cost of venue for the night. The tickets cost $60 before April 4, after that, they go up to $70.

“I think the day of prom is really exciting because all the work pays off and everybody’s just really having a great time,” Cohen said.

The caterers provide a menu and when people buy their ticket they get to choose what they want to eat. Cohen has relationships with the caterers so it’s easier for them to pick out the menu.

“Well, I already know their prices are more expensive and it’ll be more extravagant,” senior Mallory Schaffrin said. “I’m excited. I liked planning it last year so I’m excited to go this year and not know what to expect.”

The recent Prom Fashion Show was a fundraiser to help with the costs of the formal. Cohen has also been in contact with the convention center and other companies that will help support them for prom, as she is the contact person for all of these.

“Right now, it’s a lot of planning so we’re talking about what we really want to see and then we’ll start implementing,” Cohen said. “I’m working with the Junior Class Delegates and Officers to finalize some details.”

For Shine, the best part of this process is putting this whole thing together. He likes to share his opinions and be a part of coming to a compromise for details for this year’s prom. Both he and Cohen claim the stress hasn’t hit them yet, but they don’t think there will be much stress since they started to prepare so early.

“We all work really well together,” Shine said. “Things are going out really smooth. I was thinking it would be a lot more stressful and we started early so it’s no stress at all. It’s not gonna be a worry I have that we’re not going to be ready for the date.”