Knightsound Competes in Orlando at Festival Disney


By Kylah Woods

Knightsound will be heading to Orlando on Thursday, March 17 for Festival Disney and staying until Tuesday, March 22.

“It’s fun to see what other schools are doing around the country,” vocal instructor Lorraine Smith said.

Schools around the country will be going to Festival Disney to perform, get feedback from music professors and possibly win a trophy. Knightsound will be performing on Saturday, March 19. They are performing a medley from the musical “Hairspray.” According to Smith, the competition isn’t just about winning or losing, it’s also about the learning experience it brings by getting feedback from college music professors.

“We put a lot of time and effort into this, so I think it’ll be good,” senior Hannah Dietrich said.

Since it’s their first time competing at Festival Disney, Knightsound wanted to take some time to visit the parks. A majority of Knightsound were most looking forward to spending time at the parks. Every spring, Knightsound goes to a different competition. They haven’t been to the same competition twice.

“I’m most looking forward to the warm weather and getting to spend time with such a close knit group of people,” senior Jordan Galkowski said.

At the Festival, schools have a choice whether or not they want to compete against other schools or perform in front of a group of judges and get some feedback. Performances will be taking place at different places around the park. Awards include Best in Class, Festival Disney Medal as well as gold, silver and bronze awards.

“This class is like a family. They’ve been singing together for years so it’s like a family vacation,” Smith said.