Annual 4.0 Luncheon April 15


Nathan Rhomberg at the 2014 luncheon wearing his medal after the ceremony. (Photo by Chelsie Hollis)

By David Bodden, North Star Staffer

On Friday, April 15, FHN’s KOE and their FHC and FHHS counterparts will be hosting a luncheon at Old Hickory Golf Club. It is an annual event for seniors across the district who will graduate with a 4.0 GPA.

“They all get invitations and then they all respond on this google doc,” KOE Sponsor and English teacher Lindsey Scheller said. “Each kid gets announced that day and told where they’re planning on going, what they’re planning on majoring in and things like that.”

The event is essentially just a fun day to hang out with friends. After going to school until third hour, they will arrive at the Club and first have a picture taken. Next, they will be served lunch and cake. After, they will be called up to get medals, listen to speeches and then go straight home.

“It feels nice [to have this luncheon],” senior Matt Borrelli said. “It’s a good honor anytime you get something like that, because getting a 4.0 GPA is a nice accomplishment and it’s cool to feel rewarded by basically getting to miss school one day and getting to go to a nice luncheon with some of my friends and a lot of people in the school district.”

The luncheon is meant to celebrate the accomplishments and the hard work that some of the graduating class put into their schoolwork. Many of the students have part-time jobs, play sports or are in clubs that require a lot of their time. These things make the accomplishment more difficult, and it is a reason why KOE wants to show the students how well they have done.

“I’m really looking forward to just getting to be together and celebrate with everyone in our grade who has worked as hard as we have,” senior Nicole Morse said.