Sports Brief 4-13: Boy’s Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Baseball, Girl’s Soccer


Winners in Silver

  The varsity boys’ volleyball team played their first pre-season tournament at FZE and placed first in the silver bracket. The team has been together since freshman year and after winning their first tournament of the season, they only expect to win more and improving their skills mentally and physically.

“We’ve had a very strong season so far because we have so much chemistry as a team since we’ve been playing together for so long,” senior Landon Porter said. “I had so much confidence in all of our players because we’ve all trained so hard for our final season.”

North will play Ritenour High School today at 6 p.m. in the FHN auditorium.The team believes the most important thing they need to work before their next game is blocking the ball better and composing themselves mentally during each serve.

“We need to work on our blocking, as it isn’t always there and mentally we need to stay composed during games instead of getting all wound up,” senior Cameron Landers said. (Brief by Garret Griffin)

With only Two Losses This Season 

The varsity boys’ baseball team took ninth place in the Midwest Classic tournament. The tournament lasted three days and FHN faced five teams, including CBC, Farmington, Desmet and Westminster, winning all except one of their games, against Lindbergh High School six to zero. Finishing the tournament 4-1.

“Getting down on ourselves when we were losing to Lindbergh was our only mistake,” senior Andrew Schmidt said. “We worked hard in practice the next couple days and came back ready to win against Farmington.”

The team is currently 9-2 and will play Timberland High School here at home at 4:15 p.m. tonight, Individually they need to continue getting timely hits, good pitching and strong defense.

“Throughout the season I hope to have more at bats to where I touch the ball,” Sophomore Max Brauch said.  “The team has done well so far.”

The Knights have been ranked second in their division for Missouri. (Brief by Garret Griffin)

Fresh Season for Three new  Freshmen 

Senior Courtney Laughlin believes that having three starting freshmen on the varsity lineup has been nothing but an advantage in the lady Knights attempt to keep their winning record with three wins and two losses.

“We know they are young but they put a lot of effort into the game and don’t get frustrated when they mess up,” Laughlin said. “They keep good positive attitudes.”

These three young athletes include: Abbey Miller, Bria Hamilton and Sam Cary. They have helped the team chemistry in a positive way and the seniors help contribute and make the freshman transition onto the team.

“The team chemistry has affected our playing,” senior Julia Crets said. “In a positive way, our team is close and we’ve played well together.”

The Lady Knights will play away at FZW at 5:30 p.m. for their 11th game of the season. By then, everyone hopes to learn even more and continue to develop their soccer skills individually and as a team. The three freshmen are expected to grow more and continue bonding with the upperclassman on the team to help them learn more about the team’s strategy for each soccer game.

“They are young and have some stuff to learn but that all goes along with learning as they go,” Laughlin said. “ They are still learning and in fact the whole team is learning still and as a team this year we have only played a handful of games, so we are still working on playing as a team and helping each other out as we go. The freshman do a pretty good job all around.” (Brief by Garret Griffin)