Car of the Week: Luke Becker’s 2007 Hemi Powered Dodge Ram

Car of the Week: Luke Beckers 2007 Hemi Powered Dodge Ram

Credit to Chris Wood

By Chris Wood

This car of the week is really not a car but another red truck. Senior Luke Becker is the proud owner of this 2007 Hemi-powered Dodge 1500 Ram Truck. When Becker’s old Ford finally gave out, he was worried about how he was going to get around. Becker had work to get to and school to be at but had no way of getting to either of place. When his dad came home, he threw him the keys to the 1500 Ram.

“I got my truck about two weeks ago because my old vehicle broke down, so my dad threw me the keys to his truck and said it’s yours,” Luke said. “I was so excited. I could not believe he gave me the truck.”

Since Luke has just recently got the truck, he has not been able to do anything to it yet, but he has a few things planned. Becker plans to get two 12 inch subs put in the truck with a new head unit for the radio. He also plans to put a leveling kit on his truck so that the front end is level with the back. Luke does not yet  have any great memories  since he has owned the truck, but he does have some from when it was still his dad’s truck.

“My favorite memory with that truck is when my dad taught me how to drive with that truck,” Luke said.