Class of 2018 Get Class Rings in Special Ceremony

By Madison Abanathie and Mark Wilcox

Sophomores who bought their class rings from Herff Jones received them in a special ceremony during the extended homeroom on Tuesday, May 3. Students would have their names called, walk up the stairs to the loft, receive a goodie bag, walk down the stairs on the other side of the loft, and through an inflatable ring.

“[They do the ceremony] Just so everyone can get their class rings,” sophomore Emmalee Oakley said. “I’ve had mine for two weeks, because they delivered it to my house.”

Students have many choices for what they can do to their rings. Students can add little things that symbolize something to them, like a music note to symbolize a love of music. They can add their school mascot, they can add their last name, choose the shape of their ring and pick the stone that gets put in their ring.

“[I put] A lot of stuff,” Oakley said. “A music note, because I’m in Choir, my last name and a Knight for North.

A lot of students attended the ceremony. Some used the time to catch up on homework, talk, play on their phones and watch their friends get their class rings. Some students think that the ceremony is a great idea because it has the sophomores doing something while the juniors and seniors are doing their own things during that day of the school year. Others think that maybe it should be replaced and students could just receive their rings from a teacher or at schedule pick up.

“It was fine, I have mixed feelings about it,” sophomore Dillon Tasios said.