Graduation Ceremony Approaching


Credit to Abby Temper

By Karis Skaggs

Seniors will be graduating this year on June 4 at 10 a.m. This ceremony is something that they’ve been waiting for for the past four years, but now they’re feeling mixed emotions about it. The graduation ceremony is very traditional and not much has changed from last year to this year.

“Just really make sure you [seniors] soak it up and enjoy it, make sure you’ll remember it,” assistant principal Erin Steep said. “I think right now, seniors are just ready to go and are excited to go, but this is a big part of your life so take your time and enjoy it.”

Erin Steep is in charge of graduation this year, and she’s excited because she has now spent three years at FHN and she feels like this year she knows the senior class better. Other than really enjoying your last few experiences with high school, Steep also advises for seniors to take pictures before graduation with their family in the cap and gown because after the ceremony they are expected to turn them in.

“I don’t really think the ceremony is a big thing for me, I just think it’s a big thing for my family,” graduating senior Mariah Mcbride said. “It’s something that they’ve been waiting for after all these years so I think it’s something that’s important.”

Mariah along with others are feeling mixed emotions of stress, nervousness, excitement and sadness about graduation. Graduating senior Meaghan Adams is excited for a few reasons: to throw up her hat with the rest of her class, to be done with high school and to go to the All-Kighter.

“It’s sad, I’m sad now,” Adams said. “I was stressed out and super excited to graduate, but now it’s super sad because we only have a week left to enjoy high school and then we never get to go back to high school again.”