Concert Choir


By Kristen Pike, Photographer

FHN is home to many different classes and departments tailored to any student’s hobbies. FHN is known for its outstanding music department. For any student interested in singing, Concert Choir is a great option. There are two hours available: Men’s Concert, which meets third hour, and Women’s Concert, which meets second hour. In these classes, students will go deeper into singing techniques and perform at many different choir concerts throughout the year. Treble Choir is a prerequisite to Women’s Concert Choir, but if a student already in choir recommends another student, the recommended student can audition for Concert Choir without taking Treble Choir. Each Concert Choir class rehearses songs for their own class along with a few songs with the combined Men’s and Women’s Concert choirs. Lorraine Smith teaches every choir available at FHN.

“I joined Concert Choir because I was really excited to be able to sing in a mixed choir. I enjoy having a class with my friends where we all get to do something we love together,” said junior Emily Henry. If anyone is interested in joining a choir class next year, but are unsure which one would be best for your skills, stop by the choir room to get more information from Mrs. Smith.