Students Join Exclusive Choir to Broaden Their Singing Experience


By Emily Hardin

The new school year has started and everybody is anxious to finally be in some new classes with new people and new teachers. However, some students are just so passionate about a certain class that they would love to be even more involved in it. Many choir students audition for chamber choir to either improve their singing and performance skills, or just have some fun with some close friends.

“[Chamber choir is] a class that we have here at North, and it’s co-curricular so we practice everyday,” choir teacher Lorraine Smith said. “We also go out into the community and do performances. So there is an extracurricular component to it as well.”

The chamber choir plays a variety of genres of music, including contemporary acapella, older music, and jazz. This can be challenging to the present chamber choir members, so they have their own expectations for each other regarding their musical talents.

“[Chamber choir] is a quicker pace than regular choir with music that’s a bit harder,” sophomore chamber choir member Krista Avants said. “[I would expect the other members] to be able to learn the music quickly and be willing to work.”

Students have to audition to be able to participate in the chamber choir. Auditions are at the end of the first semester, and beginning of the second semester the following calendar year. Members of the current chamber choir do have expectations for the new and aspiring chamber choir newbies.

“I would expect them to come into the group with different views on things and be able to bring new perspectives and ideas to the table,” sophomore chamber choir member Anna Juhlin said. “They should be themselves, but also be responsible and respectful young adults because they are representing FHN’s choir program”