The Purpose of Norm’s Nook

By Keegan Schuster

In an effort to further improve the school community, a new room called Norm’s Nook has been added to FHN. The room serves as an outlet to help students in need by allowing them to pick out and take items that tough financial situations may prevent them from having, such as clothes and school supplies.

“At times we have students in need, and hopefully, this will be a way to help them,” Assistant Principal Jeff Blankenship said. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal. We have gathered a lot of items to meet those needs, and if it catches on we can turn it into even more.”

The intention behind Norm’s Nook is to be able to help students in a private, discreet manner. To prevent student hesitation due to embarrassment, all visits to the room are completely confidential, with no log keeping track of who uses the room or what they take.

“The purpose was to help meet the basic student needs of people in our building that may benefit from extra assistance. I just started thinking ‘What can we do to help?’” creator Sara White said. “Pride is a major issue, and not disclosing who uses the room helps make it more comfortable.”

The idea for the room first came about in 2010, when over 10% of students were at or below the poverty level. After taking just a few months to stock with items, Norm’s Nook has since been providing students with a wide range of services, and plans to continue growing thanks to donations from the FHN community.

“It gives us a greater sense of community in our school by ensuring that no one gets left out,” StuCo Cabinet Member Ethan Samson said. “More kids will be included and more will benefit from the room as the idea spreads.”