The History of The Enchanted Attic

Credit to Sammie Herr

By Sammie Herr, North Star Staffer

One of the small shops on Main Street carries a backstory many may not know. This is the mystical store called The Enchanted Attic. The owner of this store, Diane Rolen, had to go through a lot to have her shop become what it is today.

“You come into this place, and you feel free and creative,” customer Lynn Current said. “It’s non-traditional, and the possibilities of learning something new are endless. A lot of people come in here, and they’re so entranced here. They love to come in here. It’s got a good feeling.”

Rolen personally learned how to meditate and visualize after having throat surgery, which had taken her voice away. The doctors couldn’t find any solution to her problem. She wasn’t able to talk, but her vocal cords were in good health. Then she started to visualize and meditate, and eventually, she started to regain her voice.

“Several years down the line after I had a little money,” Rolen said, “I started The Enchanted Attic to give people information on the mind and body connection. I just want to help them.”

Most of the supplies this store carries are for therapy. They have loads of things scattered around it. There’s aromatherapy supplies that help people find their inner strength and also tumbled stones which have a variety of different ways to help people, whether it be love, health or spiritually. A small bookshelf towards the back carries Angel Books and guides to help hunt the supernatural forces and spell books for spiritual health and such. They carry various forms of jewelry and pendants as well.

“I really like that we have stuff from India and Thailand,” sales clerk Dakota Smith said. “Obviously not everyone’s going to have stuff like that. I just like that it’s from different countries made with different energy and connecting our cultures.”