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What I’m Interested In: Animals

 I like to go to Springfield, Missouri because in a close suburb, Strafford, there is this drive-thru safari where you can feed and pet animals that you would usually see in the wild.  There is this one animal me and my family have a connection to. This animal is a giraffe named Sheldon. he is very playful.  What I mean by playful he uses his head by swinging it down towards you, so you will have to be ready for when he does and not to get hit in the head I know this because it happened to my mom and made her bleed.

 The drive-thru safari has a variety of different animals that some people wouldn’t think of, but my favorites are the donkeys, American bison, the alpaca, kangaroos, potbelly pigs, the lions and tigers, ligers, black bears and the wolves.  When I went last year with my mom and brother,  our first stop in the drive-thru safari we stopped at the donkeys where I fed it and pet it for a while. When we continued through the safari, I thought that the donkey started to cry out to me.

If you want to visit their homepage to learn more about them or go there go here.

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