Fashion Club is Back


Credit to Kylah Woods

By Kylah Woods

Fashion Club kicked off the year with their first meeting on Aug. 25 in room eight with a turnout of about 10 students.

“It was interesting to see the students that showed up,” Sponsor Marissa Cohen said. “Some were actually in my fashion class and others were just students who were genuinely interested in fashion.”

After not being a very large club last year, Fashion Club has returned with a new sponsor, FACS teacher Marissa Cohen. Fashion club is a place for any and all students to come learn about fashion and eventually be able to create their own clothing.

“Fashion club is meant to be an area for students who have a passion for fashion,” Cohen said.

Future meetings will be determined by the students in the club, and they will meet when they see it is needed. The next meeting is not determined yet, but students interested can get updates on the next meeting date from Cohen in room eight.

“I’m ready for the next meeting,” Jai Kistenmacher said. “I love to talk about and learn about fashion. It’s so interesting.”

Some students who showed up to the first meeting are not even in Cohen’s fashion class. Cohen wants all students, whether in her class or not, to be able to learn and create fashion. It’s a place for those who have a genuine interest in fashion or for students who wanted to take the fashion class, but couldn’t.

“I’m really excited the learn new techniques on a sewing machine,” Karen Pete said.