The Fangirl Life: Top Five Bucky Tumblr Posts From Last Week


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

This hit the feels so hard. Bucky as the Winter Soldier with all he had to do for Hydra just kills my emotions.

I love posts like this where it compares pre-Hydra Bucky to post-Hydra Bucky. It’s heartbreaking but so cool. You can really see that they, Hydra, didn’t and couldn’t really take all that made Bucky himself away from him.

But Bucky basically is a rebellious teenager with Steve in this scene. Neither of them are being particularly gentle with these thugs as they are being thrown around and beaten to a pulp by an assassin and a super soldier.

He looks so adorably confused here, and it’s just something that makes me smile. With the Winter Soldier, there aren’t many “smile worthy” things that happen, but you better watch out if he smiles cause the feels are coming at you like a bullet train.

Yet another feels worthy post. Fanart and edits dealing with how Hydra treated Bucky are always so heartbreaking, and they make me have sympathy for him even if he doesn’t want it. He’s vulnerable because of the spots they exposed on him simply to use against him, especially his memory and sense of identity.