The Creation of the Recycling Club


Credit to Keegan Schuster

By Keegan Schuster

This year, students will have a new opportunity to help the school community. Sponsored by teacher Yvonne Kehoe, the Recycling Club is being added to FHN’s extracurricular activities. The group will have its first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20 in Room 16.

“I see it as promoting recycling at North, I’ve been wanting to do it for a few years,” Kehoe said. “I feel like I’m doing my part, people going green needs to catch on, but I’ve recycled all my life.”

Kehoe began recruiting during the first month of school, wearing a sign made of recycled materials that advertised the club to help spread the idea. While the idea is similar to the school’s Ecology Club, the two differ due to the fact that the Recycling Club will work solely with the school community, rather than with the St. Charles community as a whole.

“The goals are similar for each club, but the common goal is to learn about what the interest is in order to get students involved,” Principal Chris Birch said. “I think it’s great to have a school so involved in helping because we have so many different students with so many different interests.”

Aside from Kehoe, the Recycling Club is co-sponsored by teachers Susan Clark and Rachael Snider. Meetings are expected to be held bi-monthly, while recycling collection schedules are yet to be determined.  With the group’s first meeting, the goal is to get as many students involved as possible to help spread the cause.

“I think the Recycling Club will be a great addition for North. Everyday I see so much stuff thrown away that could be recycled,” Senior Class President Michael Shine said. “We are the future, and we can send a message and hopefully dampen the damage of the excessive trash we make by recycling.”