The Fangirl Life: Captain America vs. Superman


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

Two American icons, both heavily symbolic of the American ideals, are in two separate universes: one in DC, the other in Marvel. Superman and Captain America are both muscular men who are idolized by the characters in the comics and/or movies.

If put in a fight, it would be difficult to determine at the beginning to determine who would win. But Superman may come out on top with his inhuman, other world strength. His abilities would put him on top. Let’s not forget about Steve Rogers though. His personality would allow him to continue picking himself up and fighting.

What I love about both characters is their loyalty to those around them. For Steve, it’s those he fights alongside. For Superman, it’s Lois Lane. What makes me lean more towards Captain America is his background. He was just a kid from Brooklyn who was skinny and weak yet stood up for what he believed in no matter what.He didn’t take no for an answer when he continued to be rejected from serving in the army. Then when he finally got into the army, he was ridiculed by the other soldiers. This carried over when Dr. Erskine gave Steve the super soldier serum which amplified everything about him whether physical or not.

Steve is human, emotionally and genetically. Nothing against Superman, but it’s just interesting the drastic physical change Captain America went through yet remained the same with his personality. He has feelings. He goes through hardships. He faces defeat and loss. But he doesn’t give up, and that’s what is so great about Captain America.