JV Girls Golf Prepares for GAC Championship

Junior Taylor Sheridan stares down the fairway (file photo)

As this girls golf season comes to an end, the girls get ready practicing for JV GAC’s at Woods Fort on Sept. 23.

“This season has been a little difficult for some of us, mainly because there are a lot of beginners, but we push ourselves at practice to be prepared for GAC’s because it is a big event,” sophomore Jenna Gehricke said.

This meet includes three teams, each playing 18 holes in a one day event. Only five girls will be competing due to the limit of people allowed to come. As the girls get ready, they work on driving, chipping and putting.

“Chipping and putting are a real challenge. Like coach says, driving for show, putting for dough,” sophomore Summer Cline said.

To prepare the girls on the JV team competing, Coach Witthaus says to stay calm and play for themselves and not for the people around them. As the GAC’s comes closer, the girls are working on becoming more confident and getting their strokes down.

“At practice, I’m working on getting my driving  and staying focused on what I’m doing. It’s difficult for me because it’s my first year, and I started later than all of the other girls, so I feel like I’m still catching up,” sophomore Gena Suchy said.

Prior to getting ready for this competition, the season has been a major year of improvement for many of the girls by playing up and just learning how to play. The girls have also been adjusting to a new coach which is his first year coaching a golf team. Overall this year many girls are getting comfortable playing and coming back next year stronger.

“Jenna Gehricke and I won a varsity match playing up our first year, which made me feel like I accomplished something big especially since this is my first year,” Cline said.