The Fangirl Life: Top Five Reblogged Posts


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

Fair warning, there are likely some spoilers present in the below posts if you haven’t seen movies from the past six months or so.

I really like this one as it’s about Superman. He’s an interesting character, and the new movies take a different approach to Superman. The edit has different emotions present, so it shows how Clark is more than just an alien from Krypton but has a “human” side.

This just makes me laugh. Five different Doctor Who episodes, including the 50 year anniversary special, in one post with two incredibly different characters. Donna, the ginger, was a companion for a while on the show and was the sassiest companion the Doctor had to deal with in that regeneration. The Doctor himself has been sassy, two regenerations in a row in fact. The older of the three men in the gifs is called the War Doctor. Him and the next regeneration are known for being sassy and quite sad because of the Great Time War.

Loki develops a lot as a character in both Thor movies as well as the first Avengers movie. This edit showcases his primary problem. He wants to be accepted and recognized for what he is and does, but no one seems to especially after his mother dies. It also showcases the emotion he tries to mask with this carefree, mischievous attitude.

Pavel Chekov is one of my favorite characters from Star Trek, especially the new movies based on the original series. He’s typically on the bridge, main control station where the captain commands the ship from, but can also be found in the engine area as an engineer if the need arises. He never really says much, but he’s such a vital part of the crew. These gifs are from the latest movie: Star Trek Beyond

This edit is full of feels. It plays to Bucky’s character. He’s still trying to figure himself out while the world has these predetermined notions of who he is that he struggles to overcome. But let’s not forget how he’s trapped in his own mind that’s been messed with by Hydra. These also show how Steve feels about Bucky. He has faith in Bucky and wants the best for his friend.