Activities Office Sponsoring Trip to Final Four Game


By Chase Meyer

After the varsity boys’ soccer 5-4 win against Eureka during the quarterfinals on Saturday, the team will advance to the Final Four on Nov. 11 and 12. Playing against CBC, the games will be held in Fenton at the World Technology Soccer Park.

Friday’s game will be held at 2 p.m. FHN is sponsoring a bus to transport students to and from the game. Leaving around 1 p.m. from the front of the school, the 50 students who are allowed to go must have a signed permission slip which can be picked up from Arlene Kearns in the activities office. Over 70 permission slips have been picked up from the office as of publishing time, according to Administrative Assistant Arlene Kearns.

“The interest is there,” Kearns said. “But they have to go through the whole process.”

Two options are available to students interested in the game. When turning in the permission slip, $20 can be paid to cover to cost of admission into the stadium along with a Final Four t-shirt from the activities office. Alternatively, students can opt to pay $10 for just the cost of admission.

Students who ride the bus to the park on Friday must ride it back to FHN, arriving back at school around 6 p.m. Parking at the stadium is $5 for the game.

Miss the varsity boys’ soccer game against Eureka? FHNtodayLive broadcasted the game live from FHN on Saturday.