The Fangirl Life: Bucky and Hydra


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

Bucky, after falling from a train in World War II, was taken in by Hydra. Technically speaking, they saved his life. But it came with great cost to him.

Scrolling through the internet, I can find numerous posts about Bucky and how Hydra affected him. It was proposed in one that it took Hydra 20 years to break him into submission. They had to psychologically break him in order to turn him into a weapon they could use to manipulate events in their favor.

When we see him again in The Winter Soldier, he’s a beyond skilled assassin. Things change, however, when he encounters Steve for the first time in at least half a century. He looks confused. Because he became attached to the idea of recognizing the man on the bridge (Steve), they wipe his memory again. Before the scene cuts, the audience is able to see a pained look on his face and hear a cry of pain.

It seems as though Hydra’s primary mission is to hurt those it chooses to use for the progression of its cause, and this is brought out a lot in Bucky in The Winter Soldier and Civil War.