Publications Commercial: Seeking Creative Minds [360]

Kamryn Bell, Reide Pearson, and Taylor Sheridan

By Reide Pearson, Kamryn Bell and Taylor Sheridan

After completing any of the three available introductory classes (journalism, journalism II, or digital photo journalism), you are eligible to join one of FHN’s publication staffs.On video staff, you will create videos using a DSLR camera and then edit your videos together. Your videos will be uploaded to the FHNtoday YouTube channel as well as the FHNtoday or FHNgameday website. On photography staff, you will take pictures of events featured in the yearbook, newspaper, and website using a DSLR camera. On newspaper staff, you will write the stories, and design the pages within the monthly newspaper handed out monthly to each classroom at FHN.On yearbook staff, you will create and design spreads, as well as write the stories for the yearbooks sold each year. On website staff, you will write and publish your stories on the FHNtoday or FHNgameday website, as well take part in the publications social media accounts. To recieve more information about a staff or applying, see Mr. Manfull or Mrs. Kiel in room 105 or visit

“I joined staff because I was into cameras and wanted to something else to do besides school,” Video Staffer Nathan Williams said.