FHN Students Celebrate Holiday Time with Family Traditions

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Christmas is a world-wide national holiday celebrated by many people everywhere. There are many traditional and basic ways to celebrate this holiday in the United States. Such as putting up a christmas tree, 39 out of 40 people, or 97% of people from Francis Howell North do according to the pole taken by four of North’s students. Setting up Christmas lights to twinkle outside is also a great way to celebrate. 29 out of 40, or 72% of people do that. There are many other traditional ways to celebrate also.

“My favorite thing during Christmas time is hanging out with my family,” junior Clayton Burbank said. “We gather around and open gifts we got for each other around the tree in the living room.”

Some families do their celebrations in their own homes, were as some adventure out of their own homes to relatives or friends.

“I always go to my aunt’s house,” junior Charity Jones said. “It rotates each year, this year I’m going to my aunt Lisa’s.”

There are very many traditional or basic ways of celebrating, but in the U.S. people also bring in other cultures to those celebrations. People do special things, eat special food and sometimes split up the holiday into multiple days.

“We eat Vietnamese food instead of normal food,” senior Spencer Hamm said.

Although some families come from other area’s of the world and celebrate other cultures during Christmas time, some do other non-traditional things in a different creative way.

“My grandma makes Christmas tree shaped pancakes,” Junior Genesis Hudson said. “Around Christmas, I go to my aunt Rosies and we make an ocean of cookies,” sophomore Kyia Keene said. “We make just about every cookie you can think of, and it’s an all-girl all-day thing.”

Whether Christmas is spent in a traditional way or not, there is usually one basic concept that will stay roughly the same no matter what. Gifts. Parents give to kids, grandmas give to uncles and aunts and more to show that they pay enough attention throughout the year that they know just what the person likes.

“I like giving gifts,” Burbank said. “Because I love the reaction on the person’s face when they see what it is.”

Some people prefer to give gifts, while others prefer to get them.

“I like getting gifts,” Jones said. “But I never really know what I want so I try to act even more surprised when I get something, even if I didn’t want it.”



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