Varsity Boys Basketball Preps for Upcoming Season

The swish of the net, and the satisfaction of improvement are rewards that make basketball the loved and popular sport that it is. Hard work, effort, and being a team player is what makes a varsity team. Now our own FHN boys’ varsity basketball team plans to put those values to use and have a victorious season.

Varsity member Justin Mathews, veiws the current season as an opportunity for redemption and is anticipating future wins. “I think we’ll be better than last year,” Mathews said, “we have a good chance to improve.”

Veteran coach Darrell Davis’ one reliable weapon is practice. practice. practice. He has good faith in the team and has no doubts that his strategy will fail. “We’re young,” Davis said, “and we wanna get better each game.”

The only, but highly doubtful, obstacles in the team’s way are Francis Howell and Francis Howell Central. When the teams compete crowds turn up, tension is tangible, and bragging rights are at stake. “The rivalry is more intense,” Tucker Rhoads said, “since our team has more relations with them.”

Another factor in the team’s favor is the mix of students on the court. The variation of upper, and lower classmen, further help the team’s achievement. “It’s a good thing,” Mathews said, “makes our chemistry spark.”

The glamour of varsity attracts the aspirations of young (in skill and age) players. The fullproof advice the team has is there’s no cutting corners. “Work hard, the coaches want you to be great,” Mathews said, “put the work in and it’ll pay off.”