Registration Coming to an End for 2017-18 School Year

By Joel Boenitz, Madison Abanathie, Riley Kampff, and Kyle Dearing

Registration for the 2017-18 school year began on Jan. 17 and will end on Jan. 24. Students must register on the website in this timeframe. If students wait until the last minute to register, then they could miss out on a class they would want to take.

“It’s important to register so you can get them [classes],” said English teacher Diane Fingers.“Or you’ll just be thrown in classes you don’t necessarily want to take.”

The process to register for classes is: students will go online with their parents and select things connect with their graduation requirements. Students and their English classes will go to guidance and meet with their counselors. Students will go over their choices with their counselors and make sure their choices are correct.

“What you guys pick helps us determine what we offer the next year,” said guidance counselor Jennifer Schwarz. “What you choose we want to make sure it’s accurate. That [your choices] basically affects the whole school, [because] we’re having a staff member fulfill that request and teach that class whenever possible.”

If students have any questions about registration they can contact their counselor or pick up an instructional packet in the guidance office. When registering for classes keep in mind the credits needed to graduate. Colleges have different admissions requirements, so be mindful of what is needed to be accepted into college.

“The AP classes I’m going to be taking will definitely look good for colleges and they can go for college credit,” said sophomore Sarah Maye. “It’s best to take them [AP classes] now, than later. It will do well in the long run.”