FHN Knightline Travels to Disney


Credit to Michal Basford

By Kyle Dearing

This Thursday, Feb. 2 the FHN Knightline will travel to Disney World in Florida to compete in nationals competition against schools across the U.S.

The Knights will be at and around Disney World from Thursday Feb. 2 to Tuesday Feb. 7 of next week with their two days of competition being Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

Senior Rachel Kamp is just one of 23 varsity Knightline performers going to Disney World.

“I’m really excited for the trip, and I look forward to spending time with my teammates and performing with them,” Kamp said. “I also look forward to hopefully being on the finals floor with my team.”

Knightline’s best finish during these competitions was 13 out of 80 teams in jazz.

“Me personally, I’m more excited than nervous because we know what we are doing,” Kamp adds.  “But this is the most stressful competition of them all, but I have a lot of confidence in this team to perform well.”

Besides competing, Knightline gets to enjoy Disney World on Monday.

“[I’m] very excited to ride the rides even though it’s not my first time there.” Kamp said.. Knightline will travel on Thursday down to Disney world, practice on Friday, have their competitions on Saturday and Sunday and Monday they will be having fun at Disney World.

Even though this trip for the team is all fun, they did have a minor change. Due to recent budget cuts, the team did have to pay a little extra to go. In past years the district paid for Knightline’s coaches Tammy Rokita and Elizabeth Telge to go on these competitions. But this year the team had to come together to pay just a little extra to have the coaches go. Possibly in the upcoming years the team may have to pay more with even more budget cuts coming out of the FHSD.