Knights of the Round Table Ceremony


Credit to Sam Cary

Nominated students sit in alphabetical order at the ceremony. Ninety-nine students were nominated this year.

By Mattie Shea , Excalibur Yearbook Staffer

Not one person is the same and every year FHN makes sure the student body is praised for the traits that make students stand out. KOE sponsor, Lindsey Scheller opened the night making this statement clear. The yearly ceremony of Knights of the Round Table is put together by KOE and it has been a tradition that FHN has done for years. It simply is a chance for every staff member in the building including the janitors, cafeteria staff, the teachers and principals to pick a student who they would like to give recognition to for something they do that makes them stick out above the norm.

“This is a really good chance to show that people are recognized for what they have to offer and it can be a variety of ways students stand out, it doesn’t have to just be an academic accomplishment,” principal Andrew Downs said. “That’s why it’s so unique.”

The excitement and sense of accomplishment is widely received throughout the whole school when students discover they were singled out by a certain staffer for just being themselves. One of the many students who was awarded this year is senior Kelly Mahaffey, and she couldn’t be happier about it. Just like Mahaffey, most students who got this award this year had never received it before. Staff members try to only choose people who have never gotten the award, giving students who have not yet been given an award, a higher chance to earn one.

“You don’t know who picked you [for the award] until the night of the ceremony and that’s really exciting even though I just wanted to know who gave me mine right away,” Mahaffey said.

As the night went on Mahaffey it was announced that Robin Yuede gave her the award for the positivity she shares. As each nominee was given their awards they were rewarded with a medal. This medal is one of the only things students can wear at their graduation ceremony.

“Just like Mrs. Sheller said, these kids really make a big difference and deserve the praise,” principal Jeff Blankenship said.