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Choir Dinner Concert Helps Raise Money For Program

Choir Dinner Concert Helps Raise Money For Program

By Sammie Herr, North Star Staffer

The annual Choir Dinner Concert was held this past Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in the commons. Each year, preparations, hard work and tons of singing go into the concert to raise money for the choir program.

“I always like to hear kids sing,” vocal music teacher Lorraine Smith said. “I like being surprised by students who don’t usually shine or put themselves out there during regular class. They come out in their auditions and do amazing.”

These past few weeks have been spent preparing in class for the songs, solos and arrangements. The songs for the concert were decided right after winter break. They come from Broadway and movie musicals.

“My favorite part of the dinner concert was just being able to be a part of the experience,” sophomore and soloist Nina Bright said. “It was a cool experience for everyone involved. We [treble choir] got to serve people dinner and act as a waitress for the night. Everybody that had solos did amazing and it was all well performed and staged out. There was a lot of hard effort put into it.”

There were various different acts performed including comedy, romance and dramatic. High School Musical, Les Mis, Adams Family and Next to Normal were a few of the musicals that songs were taken from to sing.

“My favorite part of the night was probably getting to watch all of the different acts perform,” sophomore and soloist Melanie Swengross said. “Some of them were comedy acts, and then there was a lot of Disney acts and I’m a Disney girl. I think the concert overall went pretty well and it was pretty organized. It ended up being very eventful. A lot of us signed up to serve and didn’t pull through so the rest of us had to pick up the slack to get it done.”