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A student plays soccer with his classmates during recess outside of the Nahed Chapman American Academy. The soccer field the students play on was funded by donors to the school in support of a turf field.

Everlasting Friendships

Published: March 8, 2017

As this hope grows and students begin to flourish, new friendships form and a theme of peace, diversity and trust is born.

“Watching those friendships form is fabulous,” high school ESOL teacher Keary Ritchie said. “Where in the world would you have a girl from the streets of Honduras become close friends with a girl from Pakistan? Where does that happen? That’s a really beautiful thing to watch, arm in arm walking down the hall. It’s just about reconciliation. Watching them reconcile what they had going on before and learning to love one another and become friends.”

With students exploring their futures, and teachers working diligently to prepare their students,  the future can be bright for both the students and the society they will have a part in.

“I feel like this school is a good representation of what society could be because you’ve got people here who are overcoming tremendous obstacles and they are being successful and they are getting along with each other,” Moore said. “They are getting along with people who are completely different from them and come from different backgrounds and I feel like that would be a good lesson for everybody out there and that, you know, we can all get along and we can all be successful.”

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