Scholar Bowl Competes While Preparing for Districts


By Emma Vernon

On March 7, from 3:30 to 5:30, Scholar Bowl had a competition at Christian High School. They competed against Orchard Farm, who was ranked number one in the league. At the competition FHN had four teams; one varsity and three JV. The teams are all split up by grade. Varsity is made up of seniors, and the JV teams are juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Their team colors are black, gold, white, and gray, respectively.

I decided to join scholar bowl my junior year, after having Witthaus for chemistry,” said senior Jose Alega. “It sounded fun so I thought I’d try it out.”

The competition was made up of four quarters, each with a different category of questions. To earn points, a team would buzz in by pressing a button and give their answer. If the answer was correct, they would get the point, but if not, another team has an opportunity to answer. The varsity team finished 2-0, the juniors 0-2, the sophomores 1-1 and the freshmen 0-2.

“Most of the questions are toss ups, whoever buzzes in first gets the point,” said sophomore Colin St. Aubin. “Two of the four rounds have extra bonus questions too.”

The varsity team’s current record is 10-2, and they are third in the league. Last year, they tied for fourth, losing in the district semifinals. This year’s districts will be at Howell in April. They hope to advance beyond districts this year.

“My favorite part about scholar bowl is the people,” said sophomore Autumn Schrader. “They’re all really funny and nice.”