“The Great Wall” Movie Review


By Jake Price

“The Great Wall” is a fantasy, action film about a warrior who discovers the secret about the Great Wall Of China and why it was really built. Along the way, he learns the true meaning of trust, deals with the betrayal of the ones closest to him and faces terrifying creatures.

From a visual standpoint, the film was great; however, the editing and script could have been so much better.

The best thing about the film was definitely the production design. The sets were not only well built, but they were so beautiful and authentic to Asian architecture. The overall look of the film was really satisfying.

Speaking of everything being authentic, the costumes and props were amazing. The attention to detail going into the design of the costumes and props was spectacular, and it was nice to see the costumes come from Asian culture; it made the setting more believable.

All of the actors and actresses did a mediocre job. Matt Damon, who plays the main character, did a good job, but he could’ve gotten into the role a little bit more. Throughout the movie, Damon barely gave any emotion to his performance, which made him boring to watch.

The editing of this film was sloppy. It didn’t have a good pace, and the scenes cut to other ones at the most random moments. For example, there was a funeral scene taking place with amazing visuals and beautiful music in the background. After the scene ended, it just automatically cut to a scene where two characters are planning to steal weapons from the wall. The edits just didn’t flow right.

The editing wasn’t the only bad thing about this movie: the script was poorly written. The script had really unimportant subplots, and the dialogue was very bland.

Even though the script and editing were very weak, the film, overall, was very entertaining.