Knightsound Competes at Nationals in Disney World


By Kaitlyn Bible, Excalibur Yearbook Staff Member

Knightsound took a trip to Disney World Orlando over spring break for their national competition. The choir participates in the competition with other schools and choirs from all over the U.S. and they compete against other show choirs that have entered the national competition. Throughout their week in Orlando, Knightsound also visited the parks Disney World has to offer.

“My favorite part of the trip was being able to enjoy myself with some of my closest friends,” sophomore Jared Strickland said. “It was funny seeing them scream on the Tower of Terror and just see them experiencing Disney.”

During the competition part of Knightsound’s Disney World trip, they are judged by college professors. After performing, the judges critiqued and worked with Knightsound on different parts of the performance. Choir instructor, Lorraine Smith describes it as a mini-clinic for Knightsound and says it really helps them grow as a choir.

“I want it to be a good learning and musical experience,” Smith said. “I wanted them to have fun and I always hope they come out of it as better performers. The ones coming back next year can bring the things they learned to the group and just share with every choir some of what they learned.”

Previously Knightsound has traveled to places like Nashville, Atlanta, and Dallas, but this year makes it their second time traveling to Disney World for nationals. This year they won Best in Class in the Show Choir category, and they took home silver in the Specialty Choirs category. According to Smith Disney hosts nationals very well, and it’s cheaper than other places. When not performing in Orlando, Knightsound got to visit Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom Disney parks as well as Universal Studios.

“It was my first year going to nationals with Knightsound and I really enjoyed the experience,” sophomore Essence Green said. “Disney World was fun and so was being able to win awards with my friends.”